Wednesday, July 05, 2006

baby time

Kingston Rossdale and Shiloh Joile-Pitt have a playdate. You can barely make them out, but you can see Brad and Gavin on the left and Gwen and Angelina on the right. So cute that they are all hanging out.

Reports state "The new moms were seeing sporting matching baby slings and Brangelina's babe Zahara was spotted walking!

The dads, Gavin and Brad, let the ladies have some bonding time and they enjoyed something a little more adventurous, jet skiing. And, of course, the little man Maddox was playing with the boys too.

Security in the compound was on high alert, according to reports. The estate was heavily guarded by officers on dune buggies, patrol boats and rafts, as well as dogs posted around the property's perimeters."

Oh to be a fly on the wall...


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