Friday, May 19, 2006

Thanks bank guy

So I was just at the bank and I was standing in line to make the check deposit for work, and it's Friday so of course there's a lot of people wanting to deposit their paychecks (hello people, have you not caught on to that whole direct deposit thing? People carpool to cut down on traffic and pollution, so people should get direct deposit to eliminate the insane lines at the bank on Fridays!) Ok, sorry, I got a little off track...

So anyway, I'm standing in this long line, everyone is slowly shuffling forward and thinking "I can't believe they killed Marissa off the OC last night, and in such a lame way, and what the hell does Jesse see in Ryan Atwood? He's not hot in the slightest bit" Then, this guy about my age (when I was in my 20's) in front of me turns around and says "There's a spider near your foot." I'm sorry, what? Did he just say spider? And did he just say it so calmly as if he was saying "nice day out" or "I know, right? They could have killed Marissa off a little bit more dramatically!.

I was alarmed at the calmness in his voice because I'm used to it being said in a shrill panicked voice more like "holy shit balls, there's a spider, a spider, A SPIIIIIIDDERRR!!!" And it's usually Fi on the other end of the panic button. We don't like spiders. They make our skin crawl. We'd rather pass out then have to attempt to pick one up in a tissue and set it free. Or even kill it for that matter. But when we lived together (one of the best times in my life) and we took care of eachother as if we were an old married couple (which is a good thing) and there was a spider around, I wore the pants. I'd grab the Kleenex and free Fi from the spiders grasp.

Except one time when we were cleaning the back yard at 1:30am on a school night in preparation for Matty's big surprise birthday party. We were having a few beers, washing down chairs and scrubbing the patio when all of a sudden, Fi let out a blood curling scream that made the leaves drop of the trees. There was a spider and it was out for blood. Her blood to be exact. The thing was huge. It was so big that Fi sworn up and down that he was smoking a cigar. And I totally believed her. Yea, I know. Scary right?

Ok, so the spider at the bank wasn't nearly that big, but it was on the floor and it was scurrying towards my toes that were freely exposed by my flip flops (and even though the spider didn't get me, it still feels like there is one crawling in between my toes. Ugh! It's all in my head, I know.)

And this stranger was nice enough to warn me to get out of the way. He could have not said anything. Would I have said anything? And if I did, would it have been as calmly as that? He saved my life. Well, ok, not really. But he did a good deed. And I will pay it forward.

Oh, and I know I always put some kind of photo with my posts, but given the subject, I felt it was ok to pass this one time. No one needs to look at at spider while trying to read a blog. In fact, no one needs to look at a spider, period. Am I right Fi?


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are SO right. Thanks for the jog down memory lane. And that guy at the bank is my hero. Why would a guy do that? I can't believe some of the things I've seen people observe and never say a word. And most people don't have the debilitating fear of spiders that we do, so most people probably wouldn't say anything? Anyway, this guy did. Either he's a totally cool generous dude or he's equally afraid of spiders and could not bear to see a fellow human be overtaken by one. It could ruin anyone's Friday night. Either way, I am stoked you did not have to experience the spider crossing your toes. And I have to say I am a bit curious what the spider looked like. There were no details. Maybe I should just thank you.

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Jesse said...

Atwood gives wood. MacKenzie is mackable. Ben makes me bendover. Ryan ain't lying!



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