Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Angie gives birth

Angelina finally had her baby!

SHILOH NOUVEL JOLIE-PITT was born Saturday night in Namibia. The name Shiloh is found in the Bible and reportedly means "the peaceful one."

Any guesses on how much that baby photo will be worth? If her and Brad are smart, they will have one occasion where they let the press take as many photos as they want, all at the same time. That's what Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick did. So clever. Then the press isn't fighting over who gets the first photo.

So that makes three kids for her. Is she and Brad going to get married? Do you think she's a homewrecker? Do you think her brother is the father of Shiloh? Remember how creepy they were kissing all over the red carpet? Look at the photo...that's just gross. Who kisses their brother that way? Eyes are closed, lips puckered....just so wrong! Discuss!


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