Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Getting the boot

Velvet Revolver has had it up to here with Scott Weiland's hijinx and have kicked him out of the band! Fools! Don't they know that a crazy and unpredictable front man is a total draw. And the fact that he is uber talented is just another reason he still has die hard fan (like me) that want to see him in concert.

They released this statement: “This band is all about its fans and its music and Scott Weiland isn’t 100% committed to either. Among other things, his increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on.”

Oh waaah. We're a rock band but we don't want any weirdess going on. Wah wah wah. Don't you get that's what we love about him! You should have known what you were getting yourself into when you first met him. Now your shows are going to be boring and dull and predictable.



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