Monday, April 02, 2007

If Alex Keaton could see you now

TMZ has posted this mug shot of Brian Bonsall, famous for his role as Andy Keaton on Family Ties.

Yikes. Scary dude.

Bonsall, now 25, was arrested in Boulder, CO after his girlfriend told police that he "poured an alcoholic drink on her face while she slept, put her in a choke hold and threw her onto a bed when she tried to leave.

Both Bonsall and his girlfriend were arrested at the scene, however, she was later released.

According to police, Bonsall claimed that he pushed the woman down in self-defense after she cut his arm and face with a steak knife."

Um, ok.

Why can't people just get along. And if they don't get along, why can't they just move on?

In the police report it stated that both of them suffered minor injuries but didn't need any medical attention.

Dang man, this is not going to look good on your resume.


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