Friday, March 30, 2007

Waaa waaa, poor me

I admit. I'm completely taken over by American Idol this season.

I have my favorites (Blake is going to win the whole fricken thing people) and although Chris Sligh wasn't my number one pick, I liked his sense of humor and thought that his voice was good.

I could have done without the lisp thing, but it was tolerable.

I didn't think he could win the whole competition, but i didn't think it was his time to go quite yet (ahem...Sanjaya...)

Now I read this article and he really comes off as being a sore loser.

He gave an interview to his hometown paper saying that he never really wanted to be the American Idol. "I never came into this wanting to win it. I made the Top Ten. That was my goal,"

Ok, that's not so bad. I can understand feeling victorious by making it to landmark like the top ten. That doesn't seem greedy or big headed.

Then he said he thought about pulling out of the competition after the judges gave him some harsh criticism on his performance of "Endless Love." What stopped him? He was told by the producers of the show that if he pulled out of the competition, he wouldn't go be allowed to go on tour. This translates to no tour, no money, no pay out.

Come on Chris, you're better than that! Tell us it was a great experience and you're glad you did it. Don't get all "i-didn't-want-to win-this-stupid-thing-anyhow" on us.


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