Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who's going home?

How cute was Gwen last night?!

She always looks amazing and totally put together. She gave the contestants some good advice, and I can't wait to see her perform tonight!

Now onto someone I can definitely wait to see perform again.


This is way past ridiculous.

Sanjaya is a joke and he know it. He needs to step down. He's not good enough for this competition.

A ponyhawk isn't going to help him win this competition.

And are you kidding with his song choice? That's a No Doubt classic and a hella hard song to sing. I have to admit, when he sang the chorus he sounded half decent, but everything else was so bad, it almost doesn't count.

That being said, he'll most likely get through tonight. Ugh.

I think the bottom three will be Chris Sligh (Jack Osborne,) Haley Scarnato (Disney girl,) and Phil Stacey (freaky stalker eyes dude.)

I like Chris but that lisp is starting to get to me. I think he's great, but not the best. I don't think he deserves to get voted off yet, but I have a feeling he'll be in the bottom three tonight.

Haley is a good singer, this is just the wrong venue for her. Disney will make a killing off of her in their parades and live shows. Her voice is too sugary and animated. Me no likey. Too safe and too boring.

Phil is a weird one. When he sings the chorus of a song, he nails it and it sounds really good. But everything before and after that it's just ok, and sometimes it's not even that. Not consistant enough.

The one that surprised me was Gina. She's usually pretty good but no wow factor and very forgettable. Well, I remember her from last night. I think she sounded amazing and really proved she can sing and deserves to be here. But I hated her outfit.

Blake was hot and sounded great and I'm glad he didn't beat box. I love when he does, but I think it was the perfect time for a little break. But bring it back next week!

He's consistently picking awesome songs that are perfect for him and are young and fresh. So far he's picked "You Keep Me Hanging On," "All Mixed Up," "Virtual Insanity," "Somewhere Only We Know," "Time of the Seasons," and "Love Song." All great songs and all performed brilliantly.

Tonight will be intresting. Hopefully it won't be total BS!!


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