Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Posh and Becks come to the States!

Is anyone else as excited as I am about Beckham coming to the US?

The Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer has signed him to an unbelievable deal where he gets an obscene amount of money, an estimated $250 million dollars. Becks has agreed to a five-year deal with them, leaving the Real Madrid club.

But I don't even care about that.

I'm just excited to have someone from my turf of London over here representing. Soccer, or football as it's called, is HUGE in England. It's as big, if not bigger than American football is here. And Beckham is worshipped.

Mark my words on this, it's going to be a total frenzy every time him and Victoria leave the house. They're total royalty in London, and that will carry over here in the states too.

They are very good friends with Tom and Katie and are already part of the "in" crowd here.

Victoria "posh spice" Beckham has already been spotted looking at houses for them to purchase and move into with their three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Even their boys names are like a movie.


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