Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nice Globes

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? If not, check out who won.

I tivo'd it so I got fast forward through most of it. They were using some weird camera that made everything look like a home movie.

The speeches were eh, ok. But I loved loved loved Meril Streeps speech. She totally rocks. I love that she's just a down ass chick after all these years of working with everyone who's anyone.

I missed Borats speech, but will catch it tonight when I go home. I heard it was hilarious.

I don't know why, but seeing Brad and Angelina together is the weirdest thing. They denied for so long that they were together, and now seeing them together makes me feel like I'm looking at royalty, or a ghost or something totally unbelievable.

I almost have to look away.

By the way, I think Brad Pitt is hot, but he looked like he was wearing a bunch of make up last night. He had that, you know, kind of weird, waxy look. Yuck.


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