Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Could Brit be messing with Fed-Ex?

DListed received an email yesterday from a close source to the Federlines:

"Don’t believe the Britney divorce. I’m sort of in with her circle of friends and I know for a fact she’s not going to leave him. She’s just doing this to scare him and gain some sympathy votes from the media. She went on Letterman, cause Kevin thought she was at the hotel crying over him. She is using the divorce to scare him. They are already talking to each other and texting all the time on their mobiles. She always threatened divorce on him and he never believed her. She’s hoping he will change his ways. I think she also knows that this can change her image and is using it. They will get back together. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already back together."'s an intresting angle. I'm just hoping and praying that it's not true. I don't think it is. She's getting her affairs on order and will come back better than ever. She has an air tight pre nup and Fed-Ex will prob only get about $350,000. Sounds like a lot, but compared to what he's been getting so far, it's a drop in the bucket.

Pre-marriage, K-Fed was dancing his way to $30,000 a year. Post marriage? From an Us Magazine article from December 2005, the details of their pre-nup:

• K-Fed won’t touch a penny of Britney’s money. All the millions belonging to Britney will stay that way.

• The mansion will be divided 50/50.

• Any gift given worth over $10,000 will go back to the original purchaser. This includes a custom-built motorcycle Brit gave K-Fed for Christmas 2 years ago.

• She will still support him for a little while longer. Brit will pay Kevin $30,000 a month for the period of time that is half the length of their marriage. Meaning he’ll be well sneakered until at least a year from now.

• Spears won’t pay child support. Federline is still responsible for supporting his other two children with previous baby momma Shar Jackson. Luckily, Britney should be able to put food on the table for at least another 200,000 more years.

Finally, she does something right. Go Brit!!!!!


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