Friday, October 06, 2006

Word to my Uncle

This is my Uncle Chris. He's my Mom's brother and my favorite Uncle. And if you were at Matt and my wedding, you will rememeber him as the rapping Uncle:)

He wrote a "speech" for Matt and I and had planned on rapping it to that Heavy D song "now that we found love, what are we gonna do...with iiiiittt?!!" As if flying all the way from London wasn't cool enough!

He worked on it for days and was reaally proud of it. We were all dying to hear how it turned out and were excited to check him out, spitting his rhymes.

Well, unfortunatly we weren't able to get the music. We were so bummed and figured the performance would be cancelled.

But no. My Uncle Chris got up infront of 200 people and busted his rap with no music. Now THAT'S hardcore! Yea boyyeeeeeeeee!

So here it is. The famous rap heard around the world. Or at least around Rancho Capistrano.
(Recite with an English accent for accuracy)

Wedding Rap
by Chris Michael
September 2, 2006

When Gina told me she was getting married to Matt
I went to my crib and there I sat
I thought, “Hey, we’re all going to the USA”
And I knew then, it was going to be a great day

Then I thought, “How can I make them smile?”
And into my head popped the movie 8 Mile
And then I got this stupid notion
So I started to put my plan into motion

I decided I was gonna’ do a rap
And hope I don’t piss off the brothers or they might Bust a Cap!
Right here in between my eyes
You know what I mean… I think you call them Drive By’s

But you know what, it’s Matt and Gina’s special day
And there are so many things I want to say
Like how cool they look together
Looking at them, you know they will be together forever

Now I only met Matt a few days ago
And everybody’s asking what I think of him… so,
He’s Handsome, Honest, Kind, but could be Leaner
But you know what? The most important thing is he’s crazy about Gina

As for Gina we can all see she’s in love… full on Dizzy
And I hope I’m not embarrassing her with my impression of P. Diddy
Gina you look Radiant and Total Class
Matt, look after my niece or I’ll get the homies to bust a cap in your ass!

Now guys when you move into your crib
I’ll give you some advice, and you know it’s no fib
There will be Love, Sunshine, Argument, Drizzle
And on that, you can For Shizzle my Nizzle!

But you trust in me, I swear Love will always overcome
And that I promise you and some
But in an argument, Matt must always have the last word
And that’s “Yes Gina”… let her win, don’t be a Nerd

Now the next thing I have to mention
And it’s causing the guys in the hood a lot of tension
You gotta get wheels that you can drive with Pride
So as a wedding present, I booked your car into Pimp my Ride!

Now I have to go and say Goodbye
Because it’s not cool to see a rapper cry
I want you to get off your Big Fat Asses
And now it’s time to raise up your Glasses…

To Matt and Gina


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