Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wham Bam thank you George


Wham is getting back together for a one time special Christmas show in London!!! The Sunday Mirror Newspaper (London) has the dirt:

"George Michael, 43, has persuaded exbandmate Andrew Ridgeley to reunite for a Christmas concert at London's Wembley Arena.

They will be joined by their backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie to make it the pop event of the year.

Despite George's recent problems - last week he was cautioned for possession of cannabis after being found again slumped asleep at the wheel of his car - he has been determined to persuade Andrew, also 43, to team up with him again.

A friend revealed: 'George is thrilled that Andrew's agreed to perform. It was something George had thought about for a long time. He couldn't be happier and can't wait for the gig."

Are you serious? THE Wham. The same Wham that Lanie and I would do full on choregraphed dance routines to and lipsynch the words in front of the video camera. We were so awesome.

I want to go to London at Christmas! Who's with me? We can stay with my family. All we need to pay for is our round trip ticket . I'm sure we can get into the show for free since George and I are 8th cousin 4 times removed!


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