Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OC Facts

I receive emails from several real estate website as Matt and I are hoping to by a home next year. One of the sites emailed me these facts.

"How well do you know the OC?

The 2004 Census reports that OC has one of the highest median incomes in the US at $65,953.

Question 1: What city has the number 1 highest median income in the US at $97,428? (Hint: Yes, it’s in the OC). – answer is at the bottom of the page

Question 2: What city is number 2 in the US at $90,855 per year median income? (Hint: Yes, it’s in the OC and it may surprise you – it surprised me!) – answer is at the bottom of the page

Did you realize that OC ranks #3 in the US with 113,299 MILLIONAIRES and is the home to 5 BILLIONAIRES?

Did you realize that Los Angeles County has 10 times the population of OC, however, LA County recently added 40,264 new jobs while OC created 38,175 new jobs.

Also – LA County had 10,700 homes that sold for over $1 million while the OC had 7,342 homes sales for more than $1 million.

Did you realize that OC has the lowest unemployment rate in California (3.7%) and the 2nd lowest in the country?

Wow….life in the OC, pretty amazing numbers, huh?

Answers to questions:
1 – NEWPORT BEACH has the highest median income in the US at $97,428"

2 – MISSION VIEJO is number 2 at $90,855 per year

Was that intresting and informative? Maybe. Maybe not.

Does it give me a reason to mention that "The OC" is coming back on November 2nd? Absolutley.

I don't know if it's going to be able to hold itself up without the drama and bitchiness of Marissa Cooper, but I'm sure going to give it a shot.

I love the OC and have gone too far to turn back now.

I'll end with a moment of Zen for one of main gay's, Jesse.

Just incase you need a reason to watch the new season..this photo is for you.


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