Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cowboy Down & Anna's baby daddy

"Flamboyant Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens tried to kill himself by overdosing on pain medication, even putting two more pills into his mouth after a friend intervened, according to a police report obtained Wednesday.

The report said Owens was asked by rescue workers 'if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time (he) stated, ‘Yes.'

The Dallas police report said the 32-year-old Owens told his friend 'that he was depressed."
The Cowboys have scheduled a news conference for 2:30PM ET
Anna Nicole Smith has reveleved the father of her new baby girl is lawyer and best friend Howard K. Stern. I pretty much figured that's who the Dad was. It's not really that big of a reveal.

Howard said: "She is the one thing that is really keeping Anna going. And through it all, even with all the pain, she has been a great mother, a very attentive mother."

Also, Howard revealed:

They did sell the pictures of the last moments of Anna's now deceased son, but that the proceeds are for a foundation in honor of Daniel.

People close to Anna Nicole always sign a confidentiality agreement, and he's surprised that Larry Birkhead - whose publicly claimed that he is the baby's father - has spoken out to the media, for which he could be sued.

He and Anna Nicole are going are going to live in the Bahamas.

They still don't know the cause of death of Anna's son, Daniel. They confirm the presence on his body of antidepressants.- Anna's devastated.- That Anna did not yell at him "It's all your fault" in the hospital room where Daniel died.- That the room was not full of blood when the kid died.

He and Anna Nicole have told Larry Birkhead that he is not the father of the little girl.- He will have a DNA, only if is required by law in case of a lawsuit brought by Birkhead.

He explained: "We love each other and this has been going on for a very longtime but because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt it was best tokeep everything hidden."

Um..I hate to break it to him, but they kept nothing hidden. It has always been obvious that those two are involved. But, hey, good for them. He loved her when she was fat and he loved her when she was skinny. And he is helping her through this awful time in her life.

They are discussing getting married and becoming a real family with their newborn daughter, who they named Danilynne Hope. Dani pays tribute to the recently deceased Daniel and Lynne is an homage to Anna Nicole's birth name, Vicky Lynne Hogan.


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