Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hell to tha No

Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from troubled hubby Bobby Brown.

She has gone through quite a struggle with her addictions and it seems that Bobby was such fuel for the fire. (remember her crack den of a bathroom on the front page of the National Enquirer? That was insane!)

Did you ever see "Being Bobby Brown?" Wow, they are a really weird couple. He's totally lost his mind and she's not far behind him. I feel sorry for their daughter who's caught in the middle of this crazy club sandwich.

Access Hollywood reports "Whitney made a splash last night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with a surprise appearance at the "The Society of Singers Presents the 15th Annual Ella Award honoring Johnny Mathis." Flanked by her mentor, Clive Davis, and cousin, Dionne Warwick (who performed at the event), Whitney looked every bit the picture of health and happiness, the likes of which the public hasn't seen from her in quite some time.

The glamorous Whitney was all smiles posing for photographs, laughing arm-in-arm with Davis and Warwick which appeared reminiscent of years past when she was at the top of her game as one of the leading ladies of the music industry.

Mr. Davis told MTV last week that he and Whitney are at work right now on a comeback album, and they've already chosen six songs for the project. Clive had this to say about what fans can expect: 'Whitney is Whitney, and there ain't nobody like her. It'll be Whitney. It won't be somebody reaching for a current trend, that's for sure.'

Whitney has been under public scrutiny in recent years due to her declining weight, tumultous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, and her stint in a rehabilitation facility in 2005 (for undisclosed reasons). Her last studio album, "One Wish: The Holiday Album," only reached No. 49 on the Billboard 200 album chart after its November 2003 release, performing far below her previous efforts. "

I bet that she's going to come back and totally win back the public again. That's the amazing thing about being a celeb. You can do the most damming thing in the world, but with a good PR agent to spin it for you, you can end up more famous than before! Just ask Kate Moss.


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