Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Old Married Couple

Matt and I have been married for almost a month (already! Where did the time go?) so I thought I'd give you an update. We're still trying to get settled in and get all our boxes unpacked. We're going to be looking to buy a house next year, but for now, Matt moved into my place. Which is now our place.

It feels like we both just moved it because of the constant work we've been doing. I moved all my clothes into the other room (which is now the office/Gina's boudoir/Matt's cat's home) so that took a very long time. I had to sort through each item and decide if I wanted to keep it in my closet now, pack it up for the new house or pack for donation or garage sale. Sounds easy enough, but you are severly underestimating how many clothes, shoes, purses, hats etc. I have. It's a lot. A. Lot.

We received so many wonderful wedding gifts that it was overwhelming. Thank you so much for the great (fill in the blank) that you sent us. We really love it and use it all the time. Ok, so we haven't got around to sending thank you cards yet, but we will. It's definitly on our list of important things to do. Once we can find a place to put all of our gifts, the thank you cards will shortly follow.

I was a little worried about living together. Not for any other reason other than the simple fact that Matt and I are so different in so many different ways. I know he's very settled into his routines, which for the most part are very structured. He likes to be organized, have a place for everything and know what the plan is for the week.

And I also know that I'm very settled into my routines, which for the most part is well, whatever it is at that moment. I'm a planner for a lot of things (I love my lists) but on the same hand, I'm so far from that. I don't know what time I'm going to have dinner every night. I don't lay out my clothes for work the night before. I don't have a particular day that I do laundry. I don't have an exact time that I wake up every morning. I don't have a time that I go to bed at night. My scissors don't go into the same draw everytime I'm done using them. I don't set my mail down in the exact same place each time. I can kind of be all over the place but it's only because I just go with the flow.

I was slightly nervous that these two personalities, while ok for the 4 night a week sleep over worked just fine, would spark some sensitivity when faced with an every day meeting.

We got back from our honeymoon and all was good. Another week went by, still good. Great infact. Then we went back to work. I figured that once we got back to the "real world" that the stress of every day at an office would make things more delicate at home.

I'm happy to report that I was wrong:) Things are going beautifully. We don't feel like we're totally overpowering each others space and we're getting our routines down. I love falling asleep next to my husband every night. I feel like a very lucky girl. Not only is he handsome, smart, and a great cook. He's also patient, loving, and undertanding of my "pack rat" tendancies. He's honest, romatic and doesn't get mad at me when I bring home to many pairs of new shoes.

And the most important quality. The thing that I think tops the list? He makes me laugh. They have different levels. Sometimes it's that little chuckle. Sometimes it's that unexpected and surprised laughter. Sometimes it's that really good deep and hearty laughter, the one where you don't want to stop because it feels so good. And sometimes it's that kind of laugh where you're slapping your knee but no nosie is actually coming out of your mouth. The one where you feel the tears sliding down your face as your trying to catch your breath. They're all good. And they're all a big part of our lives.

I'm very happy being Mrs. Kincaid and I'm looking forward for what's to some.


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life is wonderful when you marry the love of your life...

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Gina said...

I couldn't agree more....you ARE the loml xoxo


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