Monday, June 19, 2006

The Punk'd you didn't see

Here are some of Ashtons failed pranks:

* In December 2003, Kutcher attempted to "punk" WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg by having him think a truck had run over his prized motorcycle, when really it was a replica, but the stunt went wrong when the truck clearly missed the bike. Goldberg quickly realized what was going on, and asked "Who do I have to kill?". Kutcher then revealed himself, as the joke had failed.

* In June 2005, Kutcher failed to punk self-proclaimed King of Crunk Lil Jon. He was boarding a plane headed for Las Vegas, but Kutcher had actors playing customs agents tell him that he was actually headed for Ecuador. Lil Jon quickly identified members of the "customs agents" from previous episodes of the program, and asked for Kutcher to reveal himself.

* According to Kutcher himself, he failed to punk Neve Campbell twice until he finally succeeded on his third try in season 6.

* According to Nick Cannon in the March 3, 2006 People magazine, Ashton grew frustrated because he failed to fool Cannon about 4 times, with last attempt involving a man pretending to be trapped in a gas station. Cannon saw through the joke because he noticed the cameras and was not convinced by the actor's performance.

Not Yet Aired on MTV/Stars Denied Broadcasting Rights
Black Eyed Peas - Claimed in an interview that they were punk'd, noticed the 'cops' weren't real and got into a fight because they suspected them of being out to rob them

JoJo - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights. JoJo did not sign the release form to air her episode because she didn't want her young fans to see her swearing

Juliette Lewis - MTV forgot to air her on Season 4

Constantine Maroulis - Claimed he was punk'd by Ryan Cabrera, who staged a national public radio show offering him 100 million dollars to pose nude in Playgirl

Edward Norton - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights

Grazielle Oganna - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights. According to Norton, she will sue Kutcher if the prank is aired

Ryan Phillips - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights

Pitbull - MTV forgot to air him on season 6

Simple Plan - They noticed the cameras

Alex Rodriguez - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights, although he thought it was a good idea

David Spade, Tré Cool, Michael Vartan - Denied Punk'd broadcasting rights. Vartan's lawyers threatened to file suit against Kutcher if the prank was aired

What spoil sports. It's just a lame tv show. Get over it.


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