Friday, August 26, 2005

Double Booked! 08.20.05

This was a crazy day! My Mom, Lexie and I had a bunch of appointments with wedding vendors starting at 10am!

First was the florist-MEGT FLORIST 10:00am
I didn't get a great vibe from her right off the bat. But I figured that I may change my mind, so we contiuned with the meeting. She couldn't show me any photo's of past events that she had done. She didn't listen to the direction I was going in. I lost my patience early on, but bit my lip. She said she would get back to us within a couple of days with some samples. She never did.

Afer this appointment we stoped and had some breakfast. Next door was a flower shop with some really nice arrangements.

Second we had the DJ-FLY BY NIGHT DJ 1:30pm
We all got great vibes right away. We got to watch some tapes of DJ's and how they interact with the crowd, and listen to some music, watch a light show. It was great fun. We picked a DJ called Ray who is perfect for our reception. We were able to strike up a deal to have them at the engagement party too. DJ is now checked off our list!

Lastly we had the videographer-PERFECT 10 PRODUCTIONS 3:30pm
Well, I don't have a whole lot to say about this appointment because we blew it off to go to the mall. What to wear to the engagement party was still a question that was looming for all of us!
We had a great day hanging out together and got a lot done. I love that I can have so much fun with my Mom and Sister!!!


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