Saturday, June 04, 2005

Reception Site

Today Matt and I went with my Mom and Dad, Lexie and Marcus to check out a site for our wedding reception. My parents had already been to see it and we're dying to show it to us.

I don't think that Matt and I had any certain expectations. We were just interested to see what they came up with. The past couple months I had gone to look at hotels and other venues, and they just weren't what we were looking for. It just wasn't us.

When we got to the reception site, it took our breath away! It's called Rancho Capistrano and it's beautiful. It's outside and there are lush grounds, huge trees and a lake! It has such a nice vibe to it and we were excited to say "yes! This is it!"

The big selling point for us was this magnificent tree. It's like it was there especially for us. Anyone that knows us, knows that we have a special thing with trees. So it was just perfect. We were so happy to find something so perfect for us!


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