Sunday, July 10, 2005

Best of the Best 07.07.05

Best of the Best is a company that is basically a one stop shop for your event needs. They have this huge wherehouse full of props, tables, chandeliers, linens, popcorn machines etc. Anything that you could think of, they have it. They also specialize in tenting. They've done quite a few events at Rancho Capistrano, so I felt confident right off the bat.

My Mom and I met with Maren who is great. We all hit it off right away and she totally got what our vision is. We got some rough prices from her and I couldn't wait to tell my Dad all about it. Of course he wasn't going to agree to anything without comparisons of other companies and a one on one meeting with Maren.

I know that Best of the Best are the only ones that can do what I envision. They know exactly what I'm looking for and are just full of great ideas. We'll see what happens!


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