Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Cannon

Well, I guess they really did it. Good for them!
In People's new issue, Mariah calls Nick her "soul mate." Let's hope so. Incase it doesn't work out, word is she has a pre girl.
And maybe it's just me, but what's up with that veil? That looks an awful lot like a table cloth to me. And the bottom left photo...I'm pretty sure that's from her "Bye Bye" ya, that's kind of weird. But I did hear they got matching tattoos. That should be interesting.
Do I sound kind of negative? I don't mean to. I honestly hope they are both very happy and in love and are married forever. I just don't understand why people jump into this kind of thing? Did you read what the cover says? "Six week romance".....come on! Why is it acceptable just because they're famous? Whatever happened to courting someone?


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