Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!!

We celebrated last weekend for Luciano's birthday and we all had an awesome time.

My costume was Amy Winehouse, and Matty was Ricky Bobby!

Lexie and Luciano were French.

Marcus and Megs were Homer and Marge.

Dimitri and Courtney were a thug gangsta and Paris Hilton

As always, Lexie threw a great party with spooky decorations and yummy snacks. Everyone really put in the effort on their costume, and there were a lot of excellent ones. Such as:
Forrest Gump and Jenny

Mr. and Mrs. Swiss Alps

The "Dick in Box" guys (I thought this was brilliant!)

And this guy

Not only did we party the night away, we held the biggest game of flip game ever, 9 peeps on each team. Of course the girls won!

Happy Birthday Luciano!!!!


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