Friday, September 07, 2007

The Dark Side of Oz (11 of 30)

I almost forgot to blog today. Matt, Shirley and I at Shane and Fi's enjoying our Friday night and it dawned on me that I had to say something. I can't fail at Jesse's 30x30 already. Especially after saying it was a weak ass challenge.

So here it is. We've had a good night so far and now we're sitting down to play a friendly game of Cranium while listening to Dark Side of the Moon and watching Wizard of Oz at the same time. You know how it works.

Ok we had to step outside for a smoke break and watch a little flight of the Conchords on the laptop. But now we're ready. Shane has the CD on pause and we're about to release the madness of Wizard.....are we ready for this? Is this going to totally blow my mind? I've never seen it this way...even though I have attempted it before...I guess I always did too much prep work. You know what I mean...a beer or two or five. A handful of smoke breaks later, I'm distracted and the sun is coming up and I hear the birds chirping and I figure it's a good time to get some sleep. So Pink Floyd is stuck on pause for 7 hours and Dorothy never makes an appearance...

But that was then, and this is now. And here we are. The music is playing, Matt and Shane are arguing about color they want to be. Shirley is telling them to land the plane. Fi is being her amazing and beautiful self, all the while reading the first clue. The guys are discussing possible answers. I think they are going with process of elimination. (man, Pink Floyd is incredible. I know I love them and their music, but I always forget just how much I love them until is flowing out of the speakers. It totally seeps into your subconscious and floods your senses.)

They guys got their question wrong, now we're up. But the movie and the music is tripping me out...I feel submerged in sweet nothingness. I feel weightless and peaceful and.....oh crap, Fi is acting something out and I'm supposed to be guessing...Bob Dylan! Yes! I saved my ass on that one. (They don't make music like this anymore....incredible.)

Ok, I should get back to the game....

Let me end by saying this. There is nothing in this world like having best friends that are incredibly rad in every way. It's a feeling I hope everyone feels because there's nothing like makes you feel like your listening to Dark side of the moon while watching Wizard of Oz at the same time....


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