Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Drunk as a skunk?

Fergie was stopped from boarding her flight from Los Angeles to Britain yesterday.

It's reported that the airline staff heard her slurring her words and could hardly stand up.

"The Mirror," a UK paper says: Fergie, who has battled booze and drugs, drunkenly raged at them and had to be pulled away by friends.

One witness said: “She was falling all over the place and had to be supported. She was in no state to fly.

But when she was prevented from boarding she couldn’t believe it. She was drunkenly ranting at staff but could barely string a sentence together. It was very embarrassing.”

Last Sunday’s Virgin Atlantic flight was delayed for an hour as her luggage was removed. Fellow Black Eyed Peas stars, and Taboo remained on board but two aides stayed behind with her.

The singer, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, looked tired as she landed at Heathrow last night. She was escorted through the airport by a Virgin Atlantic employee and whisked away by a record company aide.

She refused to discuss her booze shame and the aide snapped: “She’s not making any comment. That’s enough.”

I somehow find it hard to believe that she "raged" at them.....I'm not sure I believe this story at all. If she was with her band mates, they wouldn't have let her get to that level and have to go through the humiliation of being denied boarding. Hmm....


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