Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jimi is the man

It seems like a lot of celebs out there have their very own sex tape out on the market. Some they put out there on their own. Some were "leaked." Sometimes having a sex tape is what makes a D list celeb shoot up the ladder to the red carpet. Well, now Vivid (a leader in the porn industry) is claiming to have a sex tape featuring none other than music icon, Jimi Hendrix! Check out this article that the New York Times has published:

"The film shows a naked man who resembles Hendrix, the guitar legend who died in 1970, wearing a bandanna in his Afro, having sex with two brunettes in a dimly lighted bedroom. His full face appears on screen for only a few seconds, with his eyes closed. In other portions there are flashes of his profile. But his hands, bedecked with rings, roam large on the screen at times.
The film has no audio.

Vivid, a large maker of pornographic movies that is releasing the film this week, has created a 45-minute DVD, called 'Jimi Hendrix the Sex Tape,' that combines 11 minutes of sex footage with a retrospective of Hendrix’s career in the 1960s."
Hmmm....that doesn't really sound like concrete evidence that it's Jimi Hendrix. But hey, I'm sure there were tons of groupies back then, so it's not totally out there.


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously Jimi doesn't need any publicity. These people at Vivid better be careful....
All I'm saying is Karma...


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