Wednesday, February 06, 2008

She's outta there

Britney Spears has been discharged from the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

The newspaper reports that Spears left without fanfare Wednesday, but with the help of a private security detail. Her destination after release was not known, but it was reported she could be headed to one of her residences before she seeks out further treatment.

Spears’s dad Jamie was granted temporary control over his daughter’s affairs on Friday (though it did not include control of her psychiatric treatment). His conservatorship was extended this week to Feb. 14 – following a battle in court over who’s best suited to look after the troubled pop star.

The release of the 26-year-old singer also comes after Spears’s mother, Lynne Spears, successfully obtained a restraining order against her daughter’s self-described friend and manager Sam Lutfi. The order forbids Lutfi from getting within 250 yards of Britney, her homes, her family’s homes and the hospital where she’s staying.

In her court documents, Lynne Spears, describing the chaotic scene at her daughter’s house when she arrived Jan. 28 for an intervention, claimed, “Mr. Lutfi has drugged Britney. He has cut Britney’s home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He claims to control everything.”

Here's hoping Brit can get away from the Hollywood scene for a while and just get better.

***UPDATE: It turns out she was released because she's not a risk to herself anymore. So what's the first thing she does? Well goes for a little joyride around L.A. of course. One improvement she's made is that she actually had a bodyguard with her.

Baby steps....


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