Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mayer Cruise

John Mayer kicked off his first-ever Mayercraft Cruise on February 1 that took him and thousands of fans around the Caribbean.

Man oh man, what I wouldn't have given to be on that cruise. Me and Fi would have had the time of our life! And how cool that he did that! There's not many stars that want to get that close to their fans.

Can you imagine just hanging out at the pool and then JOHN FRICKEN MAYER decides to sing a little songy song? I would FREAK OUT!!! It looks like such an awesome time. Check it out here!

As an added surprise, Mayer had a costume change action going on....

John Mayer does his own version of Borat on his recent Mayercraft Cruise this past weekend. Yikes! I totally heart John Mayer, but I didn't need to see him like this. But since I did, I wanted to share it with you...ha ha ha.

Even though it's kind of a scary sight, you gotta love his sense of humor!


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No fricken way!


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