Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come back to us Brit!

I'm sure by now you have heard about Britney showing off her quazi to everyone every time she gets out of the car. I hae refrained from writing about it because it's just hard to believe that someone could be that dumb. But since she's done it about 5 night in a row, I have no way of defending her.

She had such great potential. She cut K-Fed loose. She lost the baby weight (although there are rumors that she got a tummy tuck) and she showed up on Letterman looking great. No cheetos bag in her hand. No nappy ass weave making her look like white trash. None of that.

But then she made the fatal mistake of becoming friends with Paris Hilton. The two of them have been whoring around town, driving the papparazzi crazy.

Why all the extra hoopla? Well, Miss Brit has lost her underware and it hasn't occured to her to buy a new pair. She's been flashing her cooch all over town, and it's just nasty. I'm not going to post any of those offensive photos, but they aren't hard to find on the web.

She's a mother of two for goodness sake. She's been out every single night, showing her bits and pieces, and it's all over the net. Photos of her bare ass and she slumps over Paris' car in her drunken state. Photos of her getting out of the car, showing all that she's dedicated to the brazilian wax. It's just not right.

And when she is covered up, she's dressing like a lunatic. She honestly looks like a country white trash bumkin that just came off the farm and is trying to dress "cool." If Paris was half the friend she's claiming to be, she would help a sista out!

So come on Brit. Quit being a whore and get your life together. You still have the promise of a comeback, but you gotta dump Paris right now. And buy some underware.


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