Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kid vs. Pam

Friends of Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock (Bob Richie) are saying the reason for them getting divorced after only 4 months is because he was tired of staying home with the kids while she was out partying.

Apparantly the final straw was when he saw the screening of "Borat" with Pam and he exploded when he saw how his wife was acting in it and calling her whore and slut.

"Bob rearranged his life for Pamela," a Rock pal says. "He moved from Detroit - something he said he would never do - and moved his son to L.A. to be with her."

But once Kid Rock moved out to LA, he soon found himself home with the kiddies (his son and her two sons) night after night as Pam went out and partied it up.

"Pamela would go out almost every night and end up at [photographer] David LaChapelle's studio," Rock's friend says. "Bob was home alone with the three kids."

Anderson spoke about her after hour habits in this months Blender, saying "When I go to Hollywood, I start at the Chateau Marmont and then I usually end up naked in David LaChapelle's studio taking crazy pictures. That's usually a night for me. Four or five in the morning, lying across a car in David's studio."

As for marital assets, Rock's pal says, "Pamela doesn't have the money in the relationship - he does. She also refused to sign a pre-nup that he asked her to."

A rep for Anderson said, "There was an agreement there would be a post-nup, which was being negotiated up until they split. Pam is a wonderful mother, always there for her kids, and has only been to David's twice since she married. And unfortunately, she absolutely had a miscarriage and only found out she was pregnant a few days before."

An Anderson friend adds, "Every time Pam was shooting her movie, her mother came to watch the kids because Bob was in Detroit recording an album. He never once single-parented her kids."

Hmm...sounds like this could get ugly. And is anyone else baffled by the statement that Kid Rock is the one that has the money in this relationship???


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