Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Jim

Friday night Matt arranged a date night for the two of us. I figured we were going to go to dinner and then hang out at home to watch a movie. That sounded great to me and I was looking forward to starting off the weekend with my Man.

When I got home from work, Matt told me to pack an overnight bag but wouldn't tell me anything else. I was totally clueless and baffled as to where we were going. Whhaaaa?!!! Overnight bag? Daang, this is going to be good:)

We got on the road at about 6:30pm and cruised down PCH. The sun was setting and it was perfect timing to hit the coast. We drove for about 40 mins until we reached The Seaport Hotel in Long Beach.

Once we were checked in and in our room, Matt told me that we were going to dinner and then to see the "Wild Child" show. What? Huh? Really? I was so surprised...I had no idea whatsoever!

Wild Child is a Doors tribute band and they're pretty popular in Orange County. The last time we saw them was before we were dating, but we were both single and we started paying a bit more attention to each other than usual. So it's a lil something special for us.

Anyway, Matt felt bad that the whole John Mayer show didn't pan out so he wanted to take me to see some kind of live music. How awesome is that? Pretty fricken awesome!

We went to dinner and had some drinks and came back to the hotel to partake in the goodies that my awesome hubby had brought along with us: A cooler stocked with ice, beer, Jauger and Red Bull. Isn't he just the best? We had some more drinks and then walked over to the venue where the band was playing. (It was in a part of the hotel.)

The band sounded great. If you're a Doors fan, I highly recommend seeing Wild Child live. It's a fun show and pretty authentic. The crowd is always sweet if you like to people watch. There was a huge mix of people, all from different generations and ages. Some of them probably saw the Doors when they were around, some of them are new fans, some of them there because they had nothing else to do on a Friday night. Whatever the reason, everyone was grooving and rocking and feeling alllrriiiiiiiiight. It was a fun night.

What a lucky girl I am to have a husband that thinks of these things....he's just thoughtful and generous and I feel very lucky to be his wifey!


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