Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Our weekend adventure

Matt and I flew out to Arizona this weekend to spend some time with the McCools and enjoy a weekend away. But first we had to get to Arizona.

Usually not a big deal. Book a ticket, jump on a plane and we're there in an hour.

Friday night was a little different.

It started out fine. Matt and I arrived at John Wayne Airport, went through security and lined up at our gate. As we're sitting there, we hear over the loud speaker "security breach 5, security breach 5."

No one seemed to panic, so we continued to sit in line until we heard other wise.

As the time went by, we began to notice more and more police officers in the terminal. That's when we found out we were on lock down. The airport had been shut down, with us inside. No one was coming in and no one was leaving.

We weren't sure what was going on, but we saw the police officers combing the airport looking for someone and something. They were checking the trash cans and looking behind long rows of chairs. It was at this point that we knew we were going to be late getting into Phoenix.

I texted my Mom to see if there was anything on the news about what was going on, and suddenly my cell phone was flooded with calls from my Mom and Dad, my sister and my brother.

My Mom had put out the calls that I was in "danger" and should come home. She felt something horrible was going to happen and that I should just leave the airport. I assured her everything was fine and we were going to wait it out and get on the first plane to Phoenix. I promised to keep her updated with what was going on.

The next announcement was that everyone had to exit the airport and go back through security. Are you kidding me right now? It's a Friday night, the airport is packed and there are planes on the runway full of passangers waiting to de board. This is going to take a while.

As we began lining up to exit the airport, a police officer made an announcement by yelling so that he could be heard. "Everyone find a seat. Sit in that seat and do not talk to anyone or hand anything to anyone." I guess whoever they were looking for had something with them that they didn't want leaving the airport.

After telling that to my Mom (I had to keep my promise of keeping her updated) but letting her know that everything was very organized and calm, she then called my sister and it turned into "Gina's locked inside in the airport and they're screaming at her to get down on the ground." This is how rumors get started.

I assured everyone that although chaotic, everything was fine and actually very organized. There was no reason to panic or freak out.

We sat in our seats while the planes on the runway de boarded and those people got to go on their merry way. Once they were done, we had to all line up and slowly make our way outside to come back in and get searched.

Considering the circumstances, everyone was in good spririts. There were no angry vacationers or pissed off businessmen. Everyone stayed pleasant and tried to make the best of the situation.

More than anything, it was just a pain in the ass because I was losing valuable bff time. I should have been drinking a cocktail with Moe, but instead I was being herded out like cattle. But it was for our saftey, so how can I be mad about that?

We were supposed to get to Arizona at 9:00pm, and but the time we landed, it was 11:30pm. But we definitly made up for lost time.

The whole weekend was a blast and we had an awesome time. We hung out, partied, danced, sang, did shots, went shopping, watched movies, and enjoyed every minute.

Create Your Own!

It was all fun and games until we got arrested. I can't tell you what for, but we managed to post bail and still have an awesome weekend. Check out our mug shots!

On Sunday, Matt and Rob went to the Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals football game. Anyone that knows Matt knows understands how much of a super fan he is.

This is his team, so I was so excited for him to get to see them at a brand new stadium in amazing club level seats.By the time we picked them up, they were buzzed and rowdy and we'd expet nothing less:) Of course, the Cowboys KICKED Arizona's ass. The final score? 27-10! I'm stoked Matt's team won, and Rob was a good sport about the whole thing.

We headed over to the airport and made our way home back to Orange County. We were sad to leave, but glad we could spend some time with the McCools. GO COWBOYS!


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BABY!!! I love you and I am sooo glad we met bail!Til we meet again bitch! Miss you!!! Thanks for coming out!! You and Apple pie are Rock Stars!! Wickeddddddd!!!
LOve, Silly


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