Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Villa Nova 07.21.05

My parents wanted to throw us an engagment party so after throwing some ideas with my family, Villa Nova seemed like it would be a good choice. Matt and I went and checked it out today and knew it was the perfect place. We would have the upper floor to ourselves with a private bar, lots of room and a breathtaking view of the water.

After much going back and forth, my parents gave us the go ahead to book it. What a wondrful gift! We knew that it would be a night to remember!

There was to be aprox. 80 people, some heavy appetizers, open bar and a DJ to dance the night away. The only date that Villa Nova had open was September 24th, and that sounded perfect to us.

The contracts were signed and the deposits paid. And now the real dilemma. What are we going to wear?!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Best of the Best 07.07.05

Best of the Best is a company that is basically a one stop shop for your event needs. They have this huge wherehouse full of props, tables, chandeliers, linens, popcorn machines etc. Anything that you could think of, they have it. They also specialize in tenting. They've done quite a few events at Rancho Capistrano, so I felt confident right off the bat.

My Mom and I met with Maren who is great. We all hit it off right away and she totally got what our vision is. We got some rough prices from her and I couldn't wait to tell my Dad all about it. Of course he wasn't going to agree to anything without comparisons of other companies and a one on one meeting with Maren.

I know that Best of the Best are the only ones that can do what I envision. They know exactly what I'm looking for and are just full of great ideas. We'll see what happens!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July 2005 !!

This marks the Peppertree Gang's 7 year anniversary! I can hardly beleive it's been that long. Thank Goodness Shane and Joey moved next door to me many years ago!

We had a get together at my place to celebrate
Independence Day. Matty bar-b-qued and we all had a great time.

The McCools came out to join us which was awesome. It's always a party with them!

It's such a trip to look around and see how we have all grown. Over the years, 4th of July has been just a huge party with tons of drinking and partying (which was always a blast!) And now we're all growed up. It's crazy. Almost everyone is married and there are all these beautiful kids running around.

It's awesome. We're all getting older and our lives are changing in so many ways, but we're all still as close, if not more. I love that. We're so lucky to have the friends that we do!!